House Judiciary Chairman Nadler: Trump is making it 'more difficult' not to consider impeachment

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House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-NY, accused the White House of "intimidating" former White House Counselor Don McGahn from testifying on Capitol Hill and said it was becoming "more and more difficult" to not consider President Trump's impeachment on Monday night.

Nadler told CNN anchor Chris Cuomo that his committee will hold McGahn "in contempt" for not complying with the subpoena and will take the battle to court.

"You are dealing with a lawless president who is willing to go to any lengths to prevent testimony that might implicate him, that does implicate him," Nadler said.

Nadler expressed that Trump's "lawless behavior" in his administration's continuous blocking of requested documents and testimonies is making it "more and more difficult" not to consider impeachment.


"The recalcitrance of the President and his lawless behavior is making it more and more difficult to ignore all alternatives including impeachment," Nadler told Cuomo. "The president cannot be above the law, no more than anyone else can."

Earlier on Monday, House Judiciary Committee member Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., vowed to push for an impeachment inquiry if McGahn did not testify on Tuesday.