Hecklers Pounce on Pelosi During D.C. Speech

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was loudly interrupted by hecklers during a speech at a conference Tuesday morning in Washington. The standoff got so heated that an aide, telling Pelosi that "they're throwing stuff," tried to get her to leave the stage. Pelosi refused to go and delivered her speech over the heckling.

"I'm used to noise. I talk to the Democratic caucus every single day," she told the crowd.
Pelosi was speaking at the Campaign for America's Future Conference, where a mixed bag of protesters was in attendance. The group Code Pink had a sign in the crowd that said "stop funding Israel terror," but the protesters making the most noise were angry about health care.

"I am not going back to a nursing home," one of them screamed out, triggering more protesters to start chanting: "Our homes, not nursing homes."

Pelosi tried to calm them down and proceed. "I've heard your message. I hear what you're saying. I appreciate your concern," she said.

As the chanting and shouting continued, a man walked up behind Pelosi to tell her, "I don't know if we can stop it. There are too many of them."

Shortly afterward, another aide told Pelosi: "Ma'am -- they're throwing stuff. We need to leave."

Pelosi did not move.

"I'm going to make my speech over your voices, because I came here to thank you for helping us to get health care reform passed," she said.

The rest of the audience cheered, but the chanting continued while Pelosi launched into the rest of her speech.

The protesters shouted out that they had supported President Obama and Pelosi. The Washington Post reports that the protesters claimed to be from a group called ADAPT, which advocates for the rights of the disabled.

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