Hayes on Obama's last speech to UN: 'He doesn't have that much to celebrate'

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The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes said Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier" that President Obama's last speech to the U.N. General Assembly could have been shorter because "he doesn't have that much to celebrate."

"What struck me, as I listened to the speech, it sounded almost like professorial," Hayes said. "This was Barack Obama, the university professor and he gave a speech that was filled with the kind of buzz words that might have impressed undergraduates about international relations but really bore very little resemblance to the kinds of things we are seeing on the ground unfold today."

Hayes said the president sounded like he was giving a "valedictory victory lap" and added that it was the president's inaction that led to the atrocities in Syria. "He did nothing," he said.

Obama said that the United States and other world powers have limited ability to solve the most profound challenges facing the world.

Hayes, however, claims it was the president's job to prevent atrocities from being committed.

"He's talked about Syria, he laments the fact that nothing was done to prevent the slaughter in Syria, who's the leader of the free world?" he said.

"This is the guy who gave the speech defending his Libya policy, his decision to go into Libya, so the United States occupies a special role to prevent such atrocities and he did nothing," Hayes added.