FOX NEWS - 9PM DECISION DESK CALLS -- New York, Kansas, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Three big wins for Democrats in New York -- The FOX News Decision Desk now projects that Democrat Andrew Cuomo will win the governorship of New York, a post once held by his father, Mario. Cuomo's Republican opponent Carl Paladino showed early promise, but collapsed under the weight of his own gaffes.

In the special Senate race in New York, FOX News projects that incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand will be elected to serve the remaining two years of the term begun by Hillary Clinton four years ago. Gillibrand defeats former Republican Congressman Joe DioGuardi.

For the full term in the Senate from New York, FOX News can also project that Democrat Chuck Schumer will defeat novice candidate Republican Jay Townsend. This will be Schumer's third term.

FOX News now projects that Republican John Hoeven (HO-ven) will win the Senate race in North Dakota, defeating Democrat Tracy Potter. This is a gain for Republicans as Hoeven, the popular governor of the state, will replace retiring Senator Byron Dorgan

FOX News projects that Republican Sam Brownback will win the race for governor in Kansas against Democrat Tom Holland. Brownback gave up his Senate seat to the make the run. He will replace Democrat Mark Parkinson, who had been Lt. Gov. to Kathleen Sebelius.

And FOX News can also now project that Republican Jerry Moran will win the Senate race in Kansas against Democrat Lisa Johnston. He will replace Sen. Sam Brownback.

In South Dakota, FOX News can project that John Thune will be reelected. Democrats did not field a candidate against this potential 2012 presidential contender.

FOX News can now project that Republican Rick Snyder, a former computer executive and first-time candidate, will win the governorship of recession-ravaged Michigan. He will defeat Democrat Virg Bernero, the mayor of Lansing, and one of the prime advocates of the auto bailout.In Texas, Gov. Rick Perry will survive a tough challenge from Democrat Bill White, the mayor of Houston. Perry, the former Lt. Gov. has been governor since George W. Bush stepped down from the post to become president.

In Wisconsin, the Senate race between first-time candidate Ron Johnson and four-term incumbent Sen. Russ Feingold is too close to call In Wisconsin's race for governor, the contest between Republican Scott Walker and Democrat Tom Barrett is too close to call.