FOX NEWS - 8 P.M. DECISION DESK: Florida, Delaware, New Hampshire, Missouri, Alabama

FOX News projects that Republican Marco Rubio will win the three-way Senate race in Florida against Democrat Kendrick Meek and independent Charlie Crist. Crist fled the GOP after Rubio's grassroots surge put the nomination out of reach for the incumbent governor, who had supported the Obama stimulus. Meek's performance in the race was so weak that national Democrats, including former President Bill Clinton and, reportedly, the Obama White House, tried to convince him to drop out of the race in favor of Crist.

FOX News can now project that Democrat Richard Blumenthal will emerge victorious in Connecticut's rough Senate battle between he and Republican Linda McMahon. In this brutal and expensive contest in deep-blue Connecticut, Blumenthal's exaggerations about his military service and McMahon's wealth from her family's pro wrestling business might have helped turn the seat to Republicans. But Democrats turned the WWE into a weapon against her. The seat is currently held by retiring Democrat Chris Dodd.

FOX News can now project that Democrats will hold the Senate seat in Delaware, where Democrat Chris Coons is defeating Republican Christine O'Donnell. This seat was considered an easy win for Republicans until O'Donnell, a perennial candidate and TV commentator, defeated Congressman Mike Castle in the GOP primary by attacking castle's more liberal stances. This was the seat formerly held by Vice President Joe Biden.

FOX News projects that Kelly Ayotte (AY-yaht) will win the Senate race in New Hampshire, retaining the seat for the GOP. Ayotte, the state's former appointed attorney general, faced Democratic congressman Paul Hodes and led steadily throughout the contest. She will replace retiring Republican Senator Judd Gregg.

A projection in Missouri's Senate race - Republican Roy Blunt will win handily in his contest with Democrat Robin Carnahan. Polls were once close in this battle between the heirs of two powerful Missouri political families, but the deep unpopularity of the Obama agenda in the Show Me State pushed eight-term Congressman Blunt over the top.

FOX News can now project that Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski will win reelection handily over Republican Eric Wargotz (WAR-gotz) in this very Democratic state. This will be Mikulski's fifth term.

In Alabama's Senate race, FOX News can now project that Republican Richard Shelby will cruise to reelection over Democrat William Barnes, an attorney and political newcomer. This will be a fifth term for Barnes.

FOX projects that New Hampshire Governor John Lynch will win reelection in his bid for a fourth two-year term, defeating Republican John Stephen. Republicans tried hard in this race, but moderate Lynch's popularity was too much to overcome.

The race for President Obama's former Senate Seat in Illinois is too close to call. Republican Mark and Democrat Alexi Giannoulias are still locked in a tight battle.

In Pennsylvania, the race between former Congressman Pat Toomey and Democrat Joe Sestak is too close to call. Democrats have poured money into this blueish state and President Obama made multiple visits. The seat is held by Democrat Arlen Specter, who was defeated my Sestak in May's Democratic primary.

And in Florida, the gubernatorial race between Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Alex Sink is too close to call.

The race for Pennsylvania governor between Republican Tom Corbett and Democrat Dan Onoroto (Ah-no-ra-to) is too close to call.

The race between Republican Bill Brady and Democrat incumbent Governor Pat Quinn in Illinois is too close to call.