Former Obama Campaign Manager Takes Shot at Fox News

President Obama’s former campaign manager took a shot at Fox News on Sunday, claiming the network is “out there” on its reporting of the Obama administration.

David Plouffe, who never joined the administration in any official capacity, spoke about Fox News while on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to promote his new book.

“The fact that they’re out there reporting that health care is going to cost a trillion-and-a-half dollars, the president is at war with the CIA, the president must not be serious about terrorism – they’re just out there,” Plouffe said. “And it’s not just in the evening. It’s their morning show. ‘The Today Show’ certainly doesn’t make these kinds of statements, and I think the danger is if what Fox is propagating out there becomes embraced by media.”

But a current administration official, White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod, was more measured in his comments on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

He insisted the White House was not at war with Fox News.

“We’re at war only with people who represent mistruths as truth. And that’s true of any network, whether it’s Fox, CBS or any other network,” he said. “When errors of fact are stated or when opinion is offered as fact, we will challenge that.”