Former brewer Hickenlooper says he wants to bring ‘harmony, hope, and hops to Washington’

Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper touts his record as the co-founder of a successful chain of craft beer brew pubs -- and has some fun -- in a new digital ad.

“I want to bring my proven experience and the bridge-building collaborative spirit of craft beer to the White House,” the long-shot for the Democratic nomination says in his campaign video, adding he wants to bring “harmony, hope, and hops to Washington.”


Hickenlooper, a geologist by training, joined four partners in 1988 in opening the Wynkoop Brewing Company, one of the nation’s first brew pubs. The brew pub’s growth helped fuel the dramatic redevelopment of the Lo Do neighborhood of Denver, and he parlayed his small business success to win election and re-election as the city’s mayor. Hickenlooper then served two terms as Colorado governor.

In the ad, Hickenlooper highlights that “as a successful governor, mayor and craft brewer, I understand America’s crisis of division. But we can’t let hazy IPA’s and pastry stout divide our nation any longer.”

And he adds that “we can’t let partisan politics divide us either. The fact is I’m the only presidential candidate with 16 years of exceptional success working with Democrats and Republicans and ale and lager yeasts.”

Hickenlooper’s campaign told Fox News that they are putting some money behind the digital spot to run it online.


The former governor, known as a bit of a prankster, also joked over Twitter with President Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

Trump on Sunday tweeted that since her father’s election as president, Colorado has seen an increase in average hourly earnings, the creation of 143,900 new jobs and an uptick in the labor force participation rate.

"Let's keep winning Colorado!” she added.

Her tweet came a day ahead of her visit to the state to tour Lockheed Martin’s offices as part of her push for apprenticeships.

While Ivanka Trump was in Colorado, Hickenlooper responded, tweeting “Hey @IvankaTrump I'm running for president on our economic success in Colorado. Can I count on your support?”