Fiorina shuts down Trump on foreign policy


Carly Fiorina attacked Donald Trump for suggesting the United States could work with Russia to defeat the Islamic State and strong-armed her plans for security in the region long past the ringing of the bell.

Trump said the U.S. shouldn't fund Syrian rebels because "we don't know who they are" and that he would have the United States support Russia in their efforts to "knock the hell out of ISIS" because America "can't continue to be the policemen of the world." The business mogul and former reality TV star also told the audience that he has met Russian President Vladimir Putin in the past, while waiting in the green room of "60 minutes."

"You know Mr. Trump fancies himself a very good negotiator, and I accept that he's done a lot of good deals. So Mr. Trump ought to know that we should not speak to people from a position of weakness," Fiorina countered. "One of the reasons I have said that I would not be talking to Vladimir Putin right now, although I have met him as well, not in a green room for a show, but in a private meeting.

As the crowds cheered loudly she added, "I wouldn't speak to him because we are speaking from a position of weakness right now brought on by this administration."