Feds spend $12,500 translating Spanish novel on ‘Heterosexual Privilege’

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) spent $12,500 to translate a Spanish novel on “homophobia,” which “examines heterosexual privilege and queer resilience.”

El gato de si mismo, or The Cat Himself, is a 2005 novel by Uriel Quesada, the director of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Loyola University, New Orleans.

The NEA issued the grant because of the book’s subject matter.

“One of the few Spanish-language novels that addresses homophobia, Quesada’s book examines heterosexual privilege and queer resilience in 21st-century Latin America through allusions to literary history and Hispanic Catholic culture,” the federal agency said in a description for the grant. El gato de si mismo received Costa Rica’s National Literary Award in 2006.”

A Google translation of the book’s Amazon description said the novel is like a “science fiction detective story,” that journeys “into schizophrenia” and “repressed” discourse.

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