Democrats Already Taking Legal Action

Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Chairman of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, says the DSCC is already taking legal action in some areas across the country.

In Bridgeport, Ct., Democrats are looking for an hour-long extension in that precinct since polling stations ran out of ballots. According to the Connecticut Mirror, the registrars of voters sent police officers with photocopied ballots to the stations, but some voters left without voting. Photocopied ballots can be used in an emergency, but they must be counted by hand.

And in Illinois, the DSCC has filed Freedom Of Information Act requests to take a look at provisional ballots. According to Illinois law, if a voter requests an absentee ballot and does not use it, they are allowed to go and vote by provisional ballot. However, according to Menendez some were turned away.

"In certain counties, those individuals have been stopped from voting, and we want that to be clear that they're allowed to vote and we want their votes to count," Menendez said.