Democratic Rep. Al Green calls for impeachment of Trump a 3rd time

Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, on Thursday issued his third call to impeach President Trump, despite two previous efforts failing to generate enough support in Congress.

“I love my country. However, despite the love I have for my country, I cannot overlook a history spanning some four centuries of racism and oppression based on race, color, gender, as well as socioeconomic status. This year marks 400 years since the first documented African slaves were brought to this land,” he said in a statement. “The remedy must be more than talking points about a much-needed conversation concerning bigotry. Because I believe that 400 years of bigotry culminating in the Trump presidency is worthy of impeachment, I will call for a third vote on impeachment regardless of the findings of the Mueller investigation which is unrelated to bigotry. We cannot allow bigotry to go unchecked.”

The congressman repeatedly has called for the president’s removal from office.

Green previously presented proposals to impeach Trump in January 2018 and December 2017.


Many Trump opponents on the left have pressured the Democrat-controlled House to launch impeachment hearings and to persuade the party’s presidential contenders to support impeachment on their platform.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has insisted that any impeachment effort be put on hold until evidence of an impeachable offense is found.

The White House repeatedly has called Green’s efforts “pathetic.”