Current TV hosts mock Paul Ryan in profanity-laced coverage

The Al Gore-led Current TV has become a forum for some less-than-professional attacks on Paul Ryan, including a host praising a blog in which the Republican vice presidential nominee was called “a little b----.”

The cable network’s personality Stephanie Miller last Tuesday said “I just love” a recent blog post by regular guest Lee Papa titled “Paul Ryan is a little b---.”

Miller first made a disclaimer about the item being “rude” -- and then dived into a passage from the blog.

“Ryan appeared on Fox ‘News’ Sunday … because his role at this point in the election cycle is to be a little b---. Not a manwhore, but a little, yappy b---- dog, Mitt Romney's Papillon, ready to leap into his master's lap and just yelp little b----- barks at whoever dares to move close to them,” said Miller, quoting Papa, aka the Rude Pundit.

“It’s true,” she commented. The remarks were first reported by the website NewsBusters.

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Miller and guests have also piled on in referring to Ryan as “Eddie Munster.”

And Miller, with Current TV host John Fugelsang, exchanged quips Friday about Ryan looking un-presidential to the point of appearing to be 12 years old.

“I called Child Protective Services, 'cause I saw an old man beating up a twelve-year-old boy,” Fugelsang said the morning after Ryan’s debate with Vice President Biden.

A representative for Current TV did not return a request for comment Tuesday.