Crowley on Trump's VP pick: He 'needs to offer voters reassurance'

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Washington Times editor and columnist Monica Crowley said Monday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s choice for running mate could matter a great deal to voters who are on the fence about the candidate.

“I do think choice matters this time with him more than probably any previous Republican candidate in recent memory, simply because he's never done this before,” Crowley said.

“He's already offered voters a lot of hope that if they choose him, there will be true change, that the status quo will, in fact, be smashed. But he also now needs to offer voters reassurance in addition to that hope, reassurance that he will, in fact, govern responsibly,” she added.

Crowley, a Fox News contributor, said that Trump “can afford to choose somebody who is perhaps a little less exciting” than the candidate himself, but has more political experience.

“I think he needs to choose someone who will, in fact, help him govern responsibly, who's done this before, who knows what they are doing,” she said.