Congress divided on prospect of independent Scotland

As Scotland prepares to vote Thursday on whether to become an independent nation after a 307-year political union with Britain, members of Congress — like Scottish voters — have strong and varying opinions on the issue.

“I hope they won’t do it. I don’t think Scots will live as good a quality of life if the 'yeses' prevail,” said Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., a member of the Senate’s Friends of Scotland Caucus.

Wicker, who is of Scottish descent, said he understands and empathizes with the lure of the Scottish independence movement.

“I know what the ‘yes’ forces in Scotland are thinking. I understand their heart,” said the lawmaker, who says he currently is reading the final volume of a trilogy on the 14th century Scottish king Robert the Bruce. “I’m immersed in Scotland at the moment.”

But for Scotland's sake, he said, it’s just not worth leaving the security of a unified Britain.

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