Cohen testimony was ‘bombshell that didn’t explode’: Marc Thiessen

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen's highly anticipated public appearance before a House panel didn’t live up to the hype, Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen argued Wednesday.

For more than seven hours earlier in the day, Cohen testified on Capitol Hill and expressed shame for his association President Donald Trump, whom he alleged is a “racist,” “conman,” and “a cheat.”

Cohen, a man who has struggled with the truth in the past, said he was now speaking truthfully.

During the "Special Report" All-Star panel, Thiessen -- along with Washington Times opinion editor Charles Hurt and “Benson & Harf” co-host Marie Harf -- offered their biggest takeaways from the marathon hearing and the consequences that may follow for the White House.


Thiessen began by declaring that Cohen's testimony was the “bombshell that didn’t explode,” since Cohen confirmed to Congress that he didn’t have any recordings of the president that were “impeachable” evidence of Russian collusion or any other criminal activity.

The Washington Post columnist also pointed out that Cohen’s claim that Trump didn’t think he was going to win the 2016 election “kind of undermines the argument” that Trump wanted to pay off porn star Stormy Daniels to help his campaign.

Harf stressed that an important part of Cohen’s testimony was that he “witnessed other criminal behavior by the president” that the Southern District of New York is currently looking into.


Meanwhile, Hurt called the hearing “incredibly entertaining” and compared it to watching all three "Godfather” films in one sitting.

“This is a guy who says Donald Trump is a racist, he’s a con man, he hates America, and yet he worked for him for ten years?” Hurt told the panel.

Hurt also pointed out that Cohen isn’t going to jail for violating campaign finance laws but for “defrauding on his taxes.”