Presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are complying with a request from the mayor of Charlotte, N.C., to postpone a visit to the key battleground state amid riots, demonstrations and other unrest sparked by a fatal police shooting of a black male.

The incident Tuesday has reignited public concern and anger about a recent series of black males being killed after coming into contact with police.

In Charlotte, police fatally shot Keith Lamont Scott, 43, while looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant.

Participants in the ensuing days of demonstrations and rioting have clashed with police officers and have vandalized hotels, restaurants and at least one police cruiser. And a protester was fatally shot by another protester earlier this week.

Witnesses said Scott did not have a gun. But police can be heard shouting for him to drop a weapon, in a cellphone video taken by Scott’s wife and made public Friday.

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts, a Democrat, made the request of the nominees late Friday on CNN, saying that police and other resources are already spread thin dealing with the unrest.

Roberts said she appreciated their “support" and “concern” for the city but that officers are already working “around the clock.”

Clinton spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri said Clinton, a Democrat, has agreed to the request, in terms of further taxing city resources, but intends to honor the invitation of the community’s faith leaders to visit and will postpone her arrival from Sunday to next Sunday, Oct. 2.

Trump, a Republican, who is also agreeing to postpone campaigning in Charlotte, with about six weeks remaining before Election Day, tweeted Friday night: “Crooked Hillary's bad judgement forced her to announce that she would go to Charlotte … to grandstand. Dem pols said no way, dumb!”