Bush-Trump 9/11 fight shows dilemma of dynastic candidates

It's not unfair for Donald Trump to bring up 9/11 in his ongoing debate with Jeb Bush. Over the course of the campaign, Trump has criticized George W. Bush's decision to invade Iraq -- also fair game -- and during the second Republican debate, on September 16, Jeb Bush resorted to a "W kept us safe" defense when Trump went after his brother again.

"Your brother's administration gave us Barack Obama," Trump said to Jeb, "because it was such a disaster, those last three months, that Abraham Lincoln couldn't have been elected."

"You know what?" Bush responded. "As it relates to my brother, there's one thing I know for sure. He kept us safe."

Door opened. How can one say George W. Bush kept us safe when 9/11 happened on his watch? Trump asked recently. After all, there were well-known intelligence failures on W's watch in the months leading up to September 11. And the basic fact is that it happened during Bush's presidency.

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