Agency in charge of ObamaCare ducks sequester furloughs

The office in charge of implementing President Obama’s health care law is being spared from sequestration cuts and furloughs.

Gary Cohen, director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, said Wednesday his office was not forced to cut worker hours due to the across-the-board spending cuts that rolled out in March, The Hill reported.

Republicans have accused the Obama administration of cherry-picking projects and agencies that would be slapped hardest by sequestration. Most recently, furloughing FAA workers have caused massive delays at airports across the country.

Rep. Greg Harper, R-Miss., reportedly said the fact that ObamaCare officials haven’t had their hours cuts highlights the political nature of the cuts.

"We're talking about at least a 15 percent furlough of current air-traffic controllers, resulting in delays and perhaps safety concerns, but yet this has been a selective political item by the administration," Harper said.

Cohen maintains his office is still feeling the pinch because they are under a hiring freeze but Harper said during an Energy and Commerce oversight subcommittee hearing that he wasn't buying it.

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