Accuser: Gore Demanded 'Sexual Favors'

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The massage therapist at the center of sex assault allegations against Al Gore told police of her terror as the former vice president mauled her in a Portland hotel room, it emerged late Wednesday.

A copy of her lengthy police statement on the 2006 ordeal was obtained by Oregon media websites including and The Portland Mercury's Blogtown.

In it, the woman tells how Gore greeted her at the door of his room at the Hotel Lucia for the 11 p.m. appointment with a hug that "went on a bit long," then quipped "call me Al." Hotel staff had told the licensed therapist when booking her that the client was Al Gore, but that he was going under the name "Mr Stone."

Gore allegedly asked her to focus on his abdominal area and adductors -- the inner thigh muscles -- as well as his back and other areas.

While his lower body was covered with a sheet, she said, Gore "became vocal" with "muffled moans" and asked her to go lower, getting angry when she refused.

"It appeared he was demanding sexual favors or sexual behaviors," the woman said.

She then asked Gore to show her where he wanted to be massaged and he "grabbed my hand, shoved it down under the sheet to his pubic hair area, my fingers brushing against his penis and firmly planted my hand on his pubic crest region and said to me 'There!' in a very sharp, loud, angry-sounding tone."

The woman told police she was caught in "a perfect storm" in a room with someone who was "Teflon-coated in terms of his credibility and celebrity status" -- and said she feared simply running away, screaming, as she might be shot or Tasered by a security detail. She also felt nobody would believe that she was the one being accosted -- and that her reputation could be ruined by a word from Gore.

The woman said she continued by giving Gore a different, acupressure style of massage in a bid to make him drowsy and to "buy time" until the end of the session.

At the end, she said Gore -- who was now clad in a robe -- wrapped her in an "inescapable embrace," gave her a "come hither" look and "caressed my back and buttocks and breasts."

She said she repeatedly told him to stop, while he giggled, as she feared being raped. Gore twice gave her an "open mouth" kiss, offered her chocolates and Grand Marnier, grabbed her bra strap then pushed her on the bed and lay next to her as he played the Pink song "Dear Mr President."

The woman said she kept "trying to talk to him, trying to defuse the situation and talk my way out of the door literally unscathed."

He continued to grope her and rub against her, the woman said, but she eventually talked her way out of the door using "humor and a sense of verbal gentle playfulness to withdraw from the situation". At one point she called him a "sex poodle."

The sexual assault allegations emerged Wednesday, just weeks after 62-year-old Gore's shock separation from wife Tipper.

The District Attorney’s office in Multnomah County, Oregon, and Portland police both released statements saying a woman had raised a complaint in 2006 but withdrawn it in 2007, before giving her statement in 2009, prompting police to investigate.

The statements were made after the assault claims were published in the National Enquirer, which said the victim was a 54-year-old whose identity was being kept secret. It also reported the massage appointment cost $540.

Police specifically responded to claims by the woman -- who said she remained clothed through the alleged encounter -- that she had noticed her black slacks had "stains" on them.

Police said they did not collect her attire because they believed it would not provide evidence.

“At this point, the Police Bureau does not consider this an ongoing investigation unless new evidence is received in this case,” Wednesday's police statement said.

“If the complainant and the Portland Police Bureau wish to pursue the possibility of a criminal prosecution, additional investigation by the Bureau will be necessary and will be discussed with the Portland Police Bureau,” District Attorney Michael Schrunk said.

Gore -- Vice President in the Clinton Administration from 1993 to 2001 and a world-renowned environmentalist -- and his wife of 40 years Tipper announced their separation earlier this month. They have four children.

At the time Gore strenuously denied an affair with American environmental activist Laurie David -- the ex-wife of Larry David, co-creator of “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Laurie David, who divorced the comedian in 2007, also denied the affair.

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