A Front Row Seat

Ever since our inception, we here at Fox News have always tried to give our audience a front row seat to history for all the stories we cover. However, at the White House, our reporting team physically was not in a front row seat for the daily briefings. When Fox News Channel first started covering the White House, we had a seat in the briefing room in the middle of the pack. As we grew as an organization we migrated toward the front, eventually settling into the middle of the second row in 2007. So when we started a White House blog, we called it, "Row 2, Seat 4," after that assigned position in the briefing room.

On August 1, the White House Correspondents Association assigned Fox News a seat in the front row, made available when veteran journalist Helen Thomas retired. We join the other four networks, Reuters and AP in the first row. The name "Row 2, Seat 4" no longer is appropriate.

Simultaneously, our politics team and Foxnews.com are launching a long-planned new politics blog as the place to go for all political news. Our White House blog will be a part of that.

So now we are proud to offer you a front row seat to politics, to the White House and to Congress, as seen by our reporters, producers and crews who cover these beats every day. We hope you enjoy the view as much as we do.