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'In Cahoots'

Pennsylvania GOP files suit to make sure 140,000 voter registrations are valid

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  1. Profound Loss

    FOX News correspondent Major Garrett talks about the impact Tony Snow had on FNC viewers

  2. Defcon3: 9/30

    What action will President Obama take on General McChrystal's report on the war in Afghanistan?

  3. Shut Up and Salute

    White House and military commanders scuffle over Afghan strategy

  4. Presidential Flip-Flop?

    Shep dukes it out with White House spokesperson over Obama's changing stance on government-run health care

  5. 'Stunning Hypocrisy'

    White House officials, Senate Dems working on health care bill behind closed doors

  6. The Right 'Change'?

    Obama supporters speak out on government over-spending

  7. 'I Need Your Help'

    President Obama insists health care reform is necessary for the uninsured; explains details of plan

  8. Danger of Going Green

    Could cap-and-trade cripple more than a million jobs?

  9. Under Fire

    Sen. Cornyn responds to Dems' claims that GOP are behind health care protests

  10. Rove Responds

    Former senior Bush adviser on health care reform, dismissal of federal prosecutors

  11. Obamacare: A Second Opinion

    Doctors and medical students debate future of health care in America

  12. Asked and Answered

    Rep. Michael Burgess answers your health care questions

  1. Increased Anxiety?

    Is the GOP worried about losing once-reliable Latino votes? Sen. Martinez weighs in

  2. Rising Star

    'Right Now': Is Rep. Paul Ryan becoming new face of GOP?

  3. Unkindest Cut?

    Rep. Barney Frank proposes cutting defense spending by 25 percent

  4. 'Character Matters'

    Sean Hannity blasts prospect of Obama presidency

  5. Spooky Coincidence

    Two national magazine share same Halloween cover foreshadowing 'Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue'

  6. Slander?

    Marine sues Rep. Murtha over Haditha comments, claims congressman damaged his reputation

  7. Progress Report

    How far have we come and how far do we have to go in Afghanistan?

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