Ocasio-Cortez's vision to turn Uncle Sam into Santa Claus is impractical but poses a threat we can't ignore

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – the New York congressional candidate many in the media have fallen in love with – was handed rejection when many of the candidates she endorsed lost in Tuesday’s elections. But her radical and totally impractical ideas continue to pose a threat.

The 28-year-old candidate advocates for guaranteed federal jobs, free college for all, Medicare for all, and the abolishment of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. She’d like to turn Uncle Sam into Santa Claus, handing out freebies 365 days a year – all paid for by crushing taxes on all of us, a skyrocketing national debt or … hey, whatever.

The surprising primary victory that turned this grossly unqualified and woefully uninformed young woman into a candidate likely to be elected to Congress in a heavily Democratic district shows that the real battleground this election cycle is in the classroom.

If we continue to laugh off Ocasio-Cortez as an ignorant and delusional radical, we will be blindsided by the soon-to-be largest voting bloc in America – a generation of indoctrinated millennials.

As a fellow millennial, I know firsthand that Ocasio-Cortez’s college experience probably taught her that being a socialist absolves her of knowing much at all. All she needs to know is that anyone who opposes her is evil. And she needs to memorize a few bumper sticker slogans about the cruel and greedy 1 percent who aren't “paying their fair share.”

Ocasio-Cortez is among the majority of millennials who now say they would prefer to live in a socialist or communist country over a capitalist one. That’s a troubling revelation to older generations. But can young people be blamed for having no memory of the widespread failures of socialism and communism if we never learned about them?

Each year, more and more schools are doing away with basic economics and history courses and replacing them with anti-American, progressive propaganda.

A survey by U.S. News & World Report found that 53 out of the 76 “best” colleges and universities in America no longer require history majors to take a single course on U.S. history.

Meanwhile, the Communist Manifesto is among the three most frequently assigned readings at American universities and Karl Marx is the most studied economist. Never mind that his economic ideas make about as much sense as the economic theories of Groucho Marx.

Campuses across the country are creating a breeding ground for an entire generation of socialist-embracing voters. The University of Massachusetts currently offers a course on “resistance” to capitalism. California State University recently held a “teach-in” charging that America was "built on a racist capitalist system, meant to weaken the minority."

At Ocasio-Cortez’s alma mater, Boston University, only three out of the 49 outside speakers invited to the campus last year were identifiably conservative. This is the same school that hosted a panel on the premise that Israel and America are “fascist states.”

It's almost as if Ocasio-Cortez used those panel notes to prepare for her cringe-worthy “Firing Line” interview, where she slammed Israel as an oppressor and then backtracked in embarrassment when asked to elaborate.

"I’m not the expert on geopolitics on this issue," admitted the recent college graduate.

No argument on that point. In fact, Ocasio-Cortez is “not the expert” on most of the issues she will have to deal with when she likely becomes a member of the U.S. House of Representatives in January. But did anyone expect her to be?

Today’s college students spend an average of just under three hours a day on education-related activities. They are learning significantly less than college students did years ago, and the little that they do learn is taught through a progressive lens that often gives them a warped perspective of reality.

They learn how to memorize talking points and slogans – but if you ask them to dive in and explain what they’re saying they can’t, because there’s no substance. So long as they are virtuously fighting the hateful and the cruel, their grades remain high and they are never challenged to explain the validity of their opinions.

As a result, we see an entire generation quick to adopt socialism, but slow to define what it is or what it looks like throughout history. They’re simply clueless.

“I think my strength is I’m honest and authentic,” Ocasio-Cortez told “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah. To understand the mind of a millennial is to understand that he or she believes virtues like these absolve you from needing to possess any real knowledge.

This is why we see radical ideas that fall apart on close examination becoming mainstream. The problem is that the millennials never give socialism a close examination.

Universities have been held unaccountable for far too long and their agenda is now coming to fruition on a national platform.

In 2016, a Cornell University history professor was filmed telling students that “capitalism is an anti-human system,” and then urging them to build a grassroots movement to “defeat capitalism altogether because it’s not going to happen at the ballot box.”

Fast-forward two years to Ocasio-Cortez’s upset primary victory over 10-term incumbent Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley in New York and you find that it is in fact happening at the ballot box.

This should be a wake-up call for Americans to stop writing off millennials as a hopeless generation of bleeding-heart Bernie-lovers. With a continuation of far-far left indoctrination in our schools and colleges, the American Dream might be replaced by a nightmare.

Crazy as it sounds, some people are even talking about Ocasio-Cortez running for president someday. Will America put her in the White House with the slogan “Make America Socialist?”

If the majority of millennials truly embrace socialism, candidates like Ocasio-Cortez are only one successful voter registration drive away from getting elected to our highest offices.

And if that happens, we and future generations will get to experience the nightmare of economic failure and lack of freedom that the citizens of Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, the Soviet Union, East Germany and other socialist and communist states have suffered through.