Broadcast networks ignore Obama’s role in ongoing Egypt disaster

Millions protesting in the streets. Another leader deposed. Dozens killed in violent clashes, including at least 51 people slain on Monday. Obama’s Mideast policy is in shambles. Nowhere is that more obvious that Egypt, which just held its second revolution in as many years.

Egypt isn’t just a problem. It’s a full-fledged disaster, hand-delivered to us by President Obama. He sabotaged our ally Hosni Mubarak more than a year ago, then defended that strategy during his reelection campaign.

All of this is essential context to the collapse of the Morsi-government. Yet network journalists aren’t saying any of it. In 51 stories and briefs on the morning and evening news shows since the latest unrest began, ABC, CBS and NBC never mentioned Obama’s complicity in Mubarak’s fall.


Heck, they barely mentioned Obama, citing the president by name in just 28 percent of the stories, even though America’s $1.5 billion in aid, our relationship with the Egyptian military and more are at stake.

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Network reports were happy to quote Obama’s generic comment: “Our commitment to Egypt has never been around any particular individual or party. Our commitment has been to a process.” But context and the history of the last revolution were sorely lacking.

During NBC’s third July 3 “Nightly News” report on Egypt, correspondent Andrea Mitchell brought up Obama’s past support of Mubarak. She actually criticized Obama for waiting too long, not for abandoning a key American ally. “The irony is, after being accused of sticking too long with Hosni Mubarak two years ago, once again, the U.S. is being tagged as being on the wrong side of history in Egypt,” she argued.

Nonsense. Rather than try to set Egypt on the road to gradual change, Obama threw Mubarak under the bus. Back in February 2011, Obama first said “change must take place” and about a week later outright called for Mubarak to go. Given the U.S.’s financial influence on Egypt, that effectively destroyed a key ally.

That didn’t exactly go well. By September 2012, Obama even admitted it. According to CBS News, “President Obama says the U.S. would not consider Egypt an ally, ‘but we don't consider them an enemy.’”

When asked during the presidential debates in October if he regretted abandoning Mubarak, Obama was clear: “I don't because I think that America has to stand with democracy.” He then listed several areas that he expected the new government to push including taking “responsibility for protecting religious minorities,” recognizing “the rights of women,” abiding “by their treaty with Israel,” and “developing their own economy.”

With the exception of Israel, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood failed at the rest and now Obama is standing by them. Christians have been attacked, women raped and terrorized, and the Egyptian economy is a disaster. Fuel shortages are common and half the population is living on less than $2 a day.

The Muslim Brotherhood has shown itself to be radical and dangerous. One of the last straws for the Egyptians was apparently when Morsi called for a holy war in Syria in support of the Sunni Muslims against the Shia Muslim leadership.

The Brotherhood even released a bizarre, anti-Semitic statement about Morsi’s replacement, saying, “A Jew in Egypt’s seat of power.”

Now that same military Obama trusted last time around has rejected Morsi’s anti-American, radical Islamist government. The Obama response? He has ordered a review of the funding we send to Egypt. He even supported keeping the Brotherhood in the government.

If Obama wants our Egyptian policy to be one that rejects our friends and supports our enemies, then he’s doing an excellent job.

Egyptians have issue with that policy, but you have to watch the network broadcasts closely to see it. A July 7 “Nightly News,” report showed protesters holding two picket signs, one of Ambassador Anne Patterson with “Go Home. You are not Welcome in Egypt Anymore.” Another sign criticized Obama, placing a big red “X” over his face, and including the slogan “Stop Supporting Terrorists,” meaning the Brotherhood. On July 4, NBC’s Richard Engel also noted Patterson was “criticized as too close to Morsi.”

They networks aren’t just covering for Obama, they also covered for Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry got caught in an embarrassing reveal when instead of helming the ship of state, he was caught helming his yacht at the height of the crisis off Nantucket. State Department denials later proved to be false.

Not that any of the big three networks mentioned it on their newscasts. ABC did include it on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” but only wonks watch that. Obama might be better off working with actress Kerry Washington than former Senator John Kerry. At least the beautiful “Scandal” star acts like she’s in D.C.

Actually, “Scandal,” is the right theme here, as the media cover up another Obama disaster.