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Donald Trump Jr. told "Hannity" Thursday that the response of his father, President Trump, to the coronavirus pandemic proves that president's agenda has been "100 percent right."

"If there's one thing that coronavirus has taught us, [it's] that Donald Trump and his agenda in 2016 when he [ran on] the MAGA agenda was 100 percent right," Trump Jr. said. "We do need to control our supply chains. We do need to have American manufacturing so the Chinese can't do what they did."


The president's eldest son said the United States can't afford to risk China cutting off medical supplies over a conflict between Washington and Beijing. He also noted that Mexico had closed its border due to the pandemic.

"Look how quick Mexico shut down the border to the U.S. when they said, 'Hey, you know, guys, it can actually be done.' So if [there's] one thing that this has shown us [it's] that Donald Trump was right all along," Trump Jr. said. "Donald Trump is a guy that got it and saw that."

The first son also vowed the president will "make America great again" after the pandemic.

"He's also the guy that built the greatest economy America has ever known," Trump said. "He's the guy that can make America great again, again, once we get through this."


Trump Jr. concluded the interview by blasting his father's critics in the media.

"It's truly disgusting watching these same people who were literally outraged two months ago about the actions that he took and are literally the number one cause to prevent the spread coming into this country," Trump said. "Now they're outraged and they're able to spin this revisionist history as though it's fact. It's a new low for the media and they've got a lot of lows in the last four years."