The Hudson Institute's Michael Pillsbury spoke about China's alleged "planned invasion" of Taiwan over the fall Wednesday on "The Ingraham Angle." He stressed to Laura Ingraham the need to push a Russia-Ukraine peace deal to deter China from invading.

MICHAEL PILLSBURY: … We need to focus on the makings of a peace deal — that's going to deter Xi Jinping and the Chinese hawks if they see that something is worked out involving neutrality of Ukraine or some sort of promise that he won't join NATO for 10 years. He wasn't going to be able to join NATO for at least five years anyway because of various conditions that Ukraine was not meeting to join NATO. So, I tend to think that your focus tonight on the idea of what is the contents of a peace agreement, that's really quite important. And strangely enough, the Chinese are offering to help, but their price is very high.