Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure on Fox Nation: Gun-free zones 'do not work'

In Fox Nation's latest episode of "The Liberty File," Judge Andrew Napolitano sat down with Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure, and former NYC Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik to discuss gun violence and the Second Amendment, following the two mass shootings that tragically took 31 lives last weekend.

Discussing the shooting in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, the guests said they were surprised to learn that Walmart, currently the largest seller of handguns and firearms in the country, is actually a "gun-free zone" for customers.

"It exposes a tremendous contradiction," said Toure, who finds the hypocrisy "disgusting."

"We're in a space where we're saying freedoms are okay for smaller amounts of people but freedoms are not okay for larger amounts of people."

Later in the conversation, the men discussed current gun control laws in various states, and the Black Guns Matter founder emphasized that Americans in inner cities must be allowed to exercise their Second Amendment right.

Residents in his hometown of Philadelphia have significantly greater access to legally obtain a firearm than those in New York, Toure explained, calling New York a "slave state" in comparison.

"Free men and women own guns - slaves do not, and if your government is doing more and more things to make it harder for you as New Yorkers to defend yourself from bad guys, they are saying we want you to be a slave state," he said.


Judge Napolitano questioned whether Toure has seen an increase of violence in gun-free zones, and he claimed to have the "stats and data" to prove it.

"Since 1991, over 90 percent of the mass shootings have been in gun-free zones," Toure said. "They do not work."

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