Woman has beach ball-sized tumor removed from stomach

A Georgia woman underwent surgery Tuesday to have a beach ball-sized tumor removed from her stomach, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Dora Lewis initially thought her growing stomach was a sign of weight gain. But when she began experiencing stomach pains, she called 911, and doctors discovered she had a large benign tumor. Because she had no health insurance, she had difficulty finding a doctor to remove the growth from her abdomen, where it had attached itself to several internal organs.

Eventually, Dr. Alan Gordon, of Emory University Hospital Midtown in Atlanta, agreed to perform the operation. During the multi-hour surgery, the tumor ruptured, spilling out about 27 to 28 pounds of fluid.

Overall, the surgery went well and Lewis should be able to return home this week. Had the tumor not been removed, it may have continued to grow,  affecting Lewis’ breathing and digestive health.

“(We’re) very thankful and relieved. It's just so overwhelming, and I'm thankful and I'm happy she was able to make it,” Lewis’ daughter, Sarina, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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