Viral photos show Michigan golden retriever that got braces is all smiles

Most people who get braces do so because they seek the confidence a straight smile can bring, but a Michigan golden retriever that’s making headlines needed the orthodontic work to stay healthy. The pup, named Wesley, had misaligned teeth that wouldn’t let him close his mouth, Fox 9 reported.

Now, photos of Wesley have begun going viral— prompting more than 280,000 shares in less than one week.

Harborfront Hospital for Animals in Spring Lake, Michigan, shared photos of Wesley on their Facebook page on Friday. Dr. James Moore, an associate professor of oral surgery at Michigan State University, who performs advanced veterinary procedures at the animal hospital, put on Wesley’s braces.

According to the Facebook post, Moore believes Wesley’s braces will fix his orthodontic problem in only a few weeks. The post described the braces also haven’t bothered Wesley one bit.

“He’s a happy little guy,” the initial post reads.

When people hear that Dr. Moore is a "doggie dentist," they immediately say things like: "What? Does he put braces on...

Posted by Harborfront Hospital for Animals on Friday, February 26, 2016

In an update on their Facebook page, the Harborfront Hospital for Animals wrote that it was “glad that [Wesley’s] cute ‘brace face’ brought such interest.”

“[Wesley] is happily enjoying some of the benefits of his celebrity (although he already had ample hugs, kisses and belly rubs),” the latest post reads. “Most importantly, he is eating well, playing, and feeling wonderful.”

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