Video of cashier's sweet gesture for special needs boy goes viral

A California cashier’s simple good deed for a special needs boy is tugging at heart strings across the nation.

Fox 11 reported that a Temecula woman working at a WinCo let Andy Robinson, who has cerebral palsy, scan items behind the cash register on Dec. 30, 2016, and a video Andy’s mom, Jeanie, posted on Facebook is going viral.

"Andy was delighted to be included in such a simple task, and for her to go out of her way to make him that happy spoke volumes to me!" Jeanie said, according to the news station. Jeanie added she’d love for the cashier, named only as Shaeleane, to get recognition for “putting the biggest smile on my son’s face.”

Cerebral palsy is a movement disorder caused by damage that occurs to the developing brain, usually before birth, according to the Mayo Clinic. Severity of the disorder varies by person, but it can lead to abnormal reflexes or posture, involuntary movements, flimsiness or stiffness in the trunk and limbs, and unsteady walking.

As of Friday morning, the video of Shaeleane’s gesture for Any had garnered about 1.2 million views on Facebook.