Utah woman delivers surprise baby after being told she was barren

A Utah woman who suffered multiple seizures Sunday was shocked to learn a pregnancy was the source because doctors told her previously that she was barren. Calvin and Brooke Williams are thrilled after welcoming a healthy baby girl, but they are baffled by the turn of events, KSL reported.

“When Brooke was a little girl, she had a brain tumor [and] they told her that she of course wouldn’t be able to have kids,” Calvin, 27, told KSL.com. “It’s been crazy. I’ve had every emotion, really.”

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Doctors at Utah Valley Hospital initially broke the news to the couple after conducting blood work while investigating her seizures. They informed the parents-to-be that Brooke was about eight months pregnant, and when she was stable performed an emergency C-section and delivered a healthy 5-pound, 8-ounce, 18-inch-long baby.

“It’s crazy; it’s a miracle,” Calvin told KSL.com. “Without any prenatal care, being a month early … she’s great.”

On a GoFundMe.com page the couple explained that Brooke never experienced any sickness, and had experienced lifelong irregular periods due to her brain tumor.