TV icon Suzanne Somers shares solutions for perimenopause

Are you a woman between the ages of 30 and 50 – and not feeling like yourself lately?

Whether you’re feeling moody, tired or bloated, don’t worry.  Television icon and author Suzanne Somers says there are solutions for you.

Somers recently wrote a new book, titled “I’m Too Young For This,” which addresses a common health condition women face called perimenopause.

“(Women) all think they’re too young for this to be happening to them, because it didn’t use to happen until you were 48 or so,” Somers said.  “But with toxicity and stress, it’s blunting hormone production earlier and it’s accelerating aging in that your hormones start declining.”

With this decline in hormones, women can experience symptoms such as trouble sleeping, bloating, itching, frequent headaches and more.  Additionally, younger women with perimenopause can have frequent mood swings and a decreased sex drive.

“The reason they lose their sex drive is that your sex hormones are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone,” Somers said. “So if they’re declining – if you don’t have sex hormones – a woman can’t feel sex.”

In order to address these symptoms, Somers said that while diet and exercise are beneficial, women really need to get to the source of the problem.

“That is restoring the actual hormones themselves,” Somers said.  “But it’s not something you can (get at) a health foods store.  It’s by prescription only.”

Somers recommends that women who are experiencing perimenopause visit, a website that provides information from various doctors who specialize in hormones.

“They’ll direct you to a doctor nearest you.  They’ll set you up with a blood test, if you want, inexpensively,” Somers said.  “They have a scientific advisory board, where they’ll interpret for you your results.”

After speaking with a hormone specialist, Somers now rubs the recommended amounts of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone into her skin each day.  She says this new routine helps her feel normal.

“I’m in a good mood all the time.  I sleep eight hours a night without drugs.  I have a libido,” Sommers said.  “…It’s the answer.”

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