'The Virgin Diet:' Drop 7 foods, lose 7 pounds in 1 week

Can’t seem to lose those 10 pounds you’ve been working to lose for months?

Celebrity fitness and nutrition expert JJ Virgin says it’s simple: Just drop seven foods from your diet, and you can lose seven pounds in one week.

The foods you should drop from your diet include: gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, corn and (grouped together) sugar and artificial sweeteners.

The plan is laid out in her new book, “The Virgin Diet.”

“These seven foods are the very foods that people focus on putting into their diet in effort to be healthy,” Virgin told FoxNews.com. “When I start to show them the issues that soy could have on their metabolism, what gluten … can have on their joints, what dairy can do on their skin – they are blown away.”

So what is the real issue? Food intolerance, according to Virgin, which should not be confused with food allergies.

Food intolerance is a series of physiological responses that your body has to certain foods – like gas and bloating, joint pain, headaches, brain fog and fatigue.

“These are things like, ‘Oh, I’m just getting older,’” Virgin said. “The reality (is) those can be huge signs of food intolerance.”

To get started on the Virgin Diet, remove the seven foods from your diet for three weeks. Then, over the next month, slowly reintroduce them, one at a time.

“You might find this food works for you, but you might find this food is hazardous to your health, and it’s part of the reason you feel so rotten, and you can’t lose weight,” said Virgin, the co-star of TLC’s “Freaky Eaters.”

Virigin has some easy swaps for your favorite ‘go-to’ foods:

* If you love adding peanut butter to apples and celery – switch to almond butter

* Grabbing a Greek-style yogurt for breakfast? Try coconut yogurt instead

* Need something crunchy mid-day? Turn to brown rice cakes or kale chips and ditch the popcorn.

Visit thevirgindiet.com for more information.