Study: Men underestimate their own weight, overestimate weight of women

A new study finds a disparity in the way men view their own weight, compared to how they view the weight of their wives or girlfriends, MyFoxTwinCities reported.

Danish researchers found that while men tend to underestimate their weight, they tend to overestimate the weight of their female partner.  For example, even when women were at a healthy weight, men tended to view them as overweight.  According to the study, it only took a body mass index score of 22.59 for men to start classifying their partner as overweight, while medical guidelines classify a BMI of 25 or more as overweight.

Meanwhile, a percentage of men who were technically obese, with a BMI above 29.9, categorized themselves as normal.

Women, however, consistently saw themselves as heavier than they really were.  Women who were underweight perceived themselves as normal, while women who were at a normal weight saw themselves as overweight.

Body image expert Sally McGraw told MyFoxTwinCities that the Danish finding "reinforces the idea that expectations of women are skewed when it comes to weight, shape and body size."

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