Study: Chocolate Reduces Risk of Pregnancy Complications

Eating chocolate at least three times a week could cut the risk of pregnant women developing a condition that can threaten the lives of both mothers and babies, The London Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

Research has found that women who regularly eat chocolate are less likely to suffer from preeclampsia — one of the most common causes of complications during pregnancy.

Preeclampsia can cause pregnancy complications after blood vessels in the placenta fail to develop. The major symptom of the condition is elevated blood pressure in the mother.

The condition affects the unborn child by disrupting the transfer of nutrients, leading to premature birth and other complications.

Researchers at Yale University in New haven, Conn., questioned 2,500 women on their dietary habits during pregnancy as part of the study.

Nearly half the women who did not develop high blood pressure reported that they had eaten chocolate regularly.

The research is due to be published in the Annals of Epidemiology.