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High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure : The Silent Killer

What you don't know about your readings can hurt you

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  1. Healthy Monday Tip

    Folks with high blood pressure need to take meds at night

  2. Healthy Monday Tip

    Folks with high blood pressure need to take meds at night

  3. Health Concerns for Rescued Miners

    What type of medical treatment will trapped miners receive?

  4. Checkup With Dr. Coomer

    Dr. Cynara Coomer looks at how painful cavity fillings might be a thing of the past and other health headlines of the week

  5. Health Implications for Chilean Miners

    Experts discuss mental & physical impact

  6. Sleep More, Weigh Less?

    Study: Lack of sleep tied to weight gain

  7. Will Obesity Surgery Result in Savings?

    Seriously? South Carolina to pay for obesity surgery for government workers next year

  8. Chilean Miners: What Is Their Condition?

    Their survival is miraculous, but miners may have an assortment of health concerns after ordeal

  9. Trapped Miners Update

    Drill close to reach miners in Chile

  10. Health Hurdles for Rescued Miners

    What physical, psychological challenges do Chilean miners face?

  11. Myth or Fact: Smoking While Pregnant

    Does smoking affect baby's mental health?

  12. Vital Signs

    How to keep your blood pressure normal

  1. An Aspirin a Day

    How hypertension can be reduced with a daily pill

  2. Optimum Levels

    If it's too high or too low, your blood pressure can put your health at risk

  3. Unhealthy Programming?

    Headline Health gets to the bottom of a new study that links television viewing to blood pressure increases in children

  4. Shaking Down Sodium

    Too much salt intake can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease. Hear how one city is trying to reduce the amount found in your food.

  5. Viagra for Children?

    Drug could help kids w/ lung disorder

  6. Viagra May Help Treat Sick Children

    FDA reviewing little blue pill's affect on rare lung disorder

  7. Bang for Your Buck Foods

    Being a smart shopper will save you money and keep your family healthy

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