Small Changes Can Equal Big Weight Loss

Making a New Year's resolution to lose a significant amount of weight can be difficult. But when you focus on making small, manageable changes consistently, you can make a big difference in your diet.

FOX medical expert Deena Centofanti talks about how the small changes could help you lose more than 80 pounds.

It takes 3,500 calories to burn off a pound of fat. But instead of thinking about thousands of calories, think about some small changes you can start making right now to make a big difference by December.

For example, if you drink a 20 ounce soda pop every day, substitute a no-calorie drink and save yourself more than 80,000 calories over the course of the year.

That translates to 25 pounds lost!

Trading your bagel with cream cheese for walnut oatmeal with skim milk will save you 250 calories a day. That's more than 91,000 calories in a year -- or 26 pounds.

If you stop buying the afternoon candy bar from the vending machine and pick an apple with peanut butter instead, you save 80 calories a day, which is almost 30,000 calories in a year -- to shave eight pounds off.

And finally, if you just have to have some munchies when you watch TV at night, make it light popcorn, instead of chips.

You'll save 220 calories a day -- 80,000 in a year -- and drop 23 pounds.

Making just one of these changes is great, but if you make all of them, that’s an 82-pound weight loss.

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