Size and position of glass may influence how much wine a person drinks

People who want to reduce their wine intake may need to consider buying different wine glasses.

A new study from Iowa State and Cornell revealed that individuals who use a narrow glass and pour wine while keeping the glass on the table drank less, compared to those who used a wide glass and poured wine while holding the glass, Nature World News reported.

According to the researchers, it all has to do with the drinker’s perceptions of quantity.

"People have trouble assessing volumes," said Laura Smarandescu, an assistant professor  of marketing at Iowa State. "They tend to focus more on the vertical than the horizontal measures. That's why people tend to drink less when they drink from a narrow glass, because they think they're drinking more.”

Smarandescu and her colleagues examined 73 people who drank at least one glass of wine per day.  Each participant was asked to pour a glass of wine under various conditions, as the researchers watched.

According to Nature World News, previous research has shown that environmental factors such as lighting or music can affect how much a person eats.  The researchers hope their study will influence others to learn more about proper serving sizes, as high amounts of alcohol consumption can lead to serious health risks.

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