Paramedic delivers his own baby on side of road

Dan Lynch is a paramedic who had been through the births of his four kids, so when wife Elizabeth woke up early Friday with serious contractions "skeptical" that Baby No. 5 would hold out for the ride to the hospital, "we gave it a shot" anyway, says Dan.

"And obviously we didn’t make it." Instead, the couple from Evanston, Ill., ended up pulled over on the shoulder of the road as Mary Margaret Lynch put in a rapid appearance with dad giving an assist.

"The baby's head was already halfway out," he tells People. "I said, 'Push.'" He'd had some training on delivering babies, but it was the first time he'd ever assisted with a birth, and though he admits it wasn't "the most ideal circumstances," he's thankful that everyone is healthy.

"I opened the door for some light because it was pretty dark out," he tells the Chicago Tribune. "It was a good catch." The Lynches say their family is now complete, and as dad says, "it was save the best story for last." (Earlier this year, an 8-year-old girl helped deliver her baby brother.)

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