More than 30 people sickened at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has teamed up with health officials in order to determine the cause of a mysterious stomach bug that has affected more than 30 guests of the amusement park in June and July, reported.

All of the guests participated in Disney’s Wild Africa Trek, a three-hour paid excursion that ends with a safari-style dinner.

The Orange County Health Department (OCHD) learned of the illnesses on June 11 and inspectors were sent to Disney World’s Animal Kingdom to investigate food prep areas.

“Two of those inspections showed no problems, no health violations,” said Dain Weister of the OCHD. "The inspection was satisfactory."

Guests reported symptoms such as stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

Disney officials said the affected area went through a ‘deep clean,’ and they have increased measures to promote hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer, according to

Weister said guests who did not get sick, told the department they washed their hands frequently and/or used hand sanitizer as a precaution.

"We are working closely with the Orange County Health Department to review the situation," said Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger.

A guest who became ill posted of his experience on in June, and said he got sick within 24 hours of the excursion and ended up in the emergency room. The guest claims his two friends also became ill.

It is possible the illness is linked to the Norwalk virus, which often hits large public places, such as schools or cruise ships.

Weister said there is no cause for alarm, and no other parts of the park were affected.

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