Medical Tourism: A Day At The Beach After Surgery

by Lori Lundin

We came her for dental work, and it's been more like a vacation. So far, the dental care my husband has received has exceeded our expectations. I would even say it's been superior to what we've had in the states. The level of hospitality, concern for his well being, and the short time it's taken to get the work done has been nothing short of amazing. In the states, Doug was told it would take 2 years to complete his treatment plan, here he'll have had a total of five visits and a whole lot of fun in the process. This has been an eye opening experience. Doug had major work done. Bone grafts, extractions and titanium implants (like a screw that goes into the bone...and slowly adheres to it so you can attach a crown). Doug has had absolutely no pain.

The day after the big surgery, Doctor Lorenzana called to see if Doug was feeling okay, and up for a day at his beach house. Doug has been taking his antibiotics and anti-inflammatory and feeling just fine. We couldn't pass up the offer. The doctor picked us up and off we went. It was spectacular. Driving through small villages, you see very few tourists in this country, so it's easy to get a flavor for the culture. There are many more modern amenities than you'd imagine. You can find just about anything you would in the states.

Driving down a dirt road with women selling fruit and barefooted children playing...we arrive at a beautiful home right on the beach. An open air patio with incredible ocean breezes. We're given a room to use for changing or resting. A lovely young Salvadorian couple live and work on the property. They make us lunch as we listen to the Pacific waves crashing and relax in hammocks. What a way to heal from dental work. I can't imagine doing this with my dentist in the states. We're being treated like family and getting great care. Doesn't get much better than this. Tomorrow, Doug will get his temporary crowns and then end the day with a massage at the hotel.

Lori Lundin is a News Anchor/Reporter with Fox News Radio