Mario Lopez on 'National Share the Health Day' and Teaching Latinos to Stay Fit

Mario Lopez is staying fit and healthy and he wants all Latinos to do the same.

On the occasion of National Share the Health Day, the newly named “X Factor” judge and “Extra” TV Host spoke to Fox News Latino about ways the Hispanic community can shape up, as well as his new initiative with the Vitamin Shoppe brand to assist people in maintaining their fit lifestyle goals without having to stop eating tasty Latino cuisine.

“You have to make it a priority in life to try to break a sweat every day,” a very toned and fit Lopez told Fox News Latino. “Everyone asks me, 'What type of workout should I do?' and I say anything that you are going to be consistent with, whether it is dancing or going to the gym or running, boxing, whatever the case may be. Try to be consistent about it.”

The actor-turned-author, who’s published multiple books on living a healthier lifestyle, says he too enjoys eating and does not believe in “starving” or having “to count calories.”

“Us Latinos like to eat,” Lopez said with his signature charming smile. “I like to eat too, putting the fork down is tough, just try to do it in small meals throughout the day.”

“If you eat every few hours a little bit, you don’t have to count calories,” he continued. “Just watch portion control a little bit throughout the day. I think that will help a lot and in the weekends you can splurge and have something to look forward to.”

Lopez, who is known for hosting the popular entertainment-focused TV show “Extra,” as well as a national radio show, says he made sure to make the time to promote the National Share the Health Day because “Latinos weight issues, in my family included” and “health and fitness is a top priority in my life.”

[I am] the fitness ambassador of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, where there are a lot of Latinos [and] lot of Latinos weight issues,” Lopez told Fox News Latino. “I had an incentive to want to do something to help them.”

“I have the opportunity to sort of give back and spread the word,” he said. “I had to take advantage of it.”