Maine grandmother turns to campaign buttons, road signs in search for kidney donor

A Maine grandmother with end-stage renal failure has launched a campaign similar to a political candidate in the hopes of finding a kidney donor.

Linda Fleming, 63, has posted signs on the roads in her neighborhood, created buttons, decorated her car windows and started a Facebook page in the hopes that her efforts will find her a match, reported.

Deming is currently on dialysis treatment three times a week to keep her kidney functioning at 6 percent, reported.

“I always said that I wasn’t going to stay alive by being attached to a machine, but that’s what’s going on,” she told The Portland Press Herald. Doctors reportedly believe her health is due to the amount of over-the-counter maximum-strength ibuprofen she was taking for sore hips and knees.

Deming, of Pownal, Maine, is currently on the transplant list but it can take anywhere between three and 10 years to find a match.

The campaign has reached people in Alabama, Missouri and California, Deming said, adding that she sent out packets of information to interested donors.

“I use the term ‘desperate,’” Deming told The Portland Press Herald. “I will do whatever I can to try to get a kidney.”

Deming has A-positive blood, meaning potential donors must be either type A or type O.