Las Vegas cryotherapy business where employee died closes

Nevada state officials have closed the Las Vegas cryotherapy business where an employee died reportedly after freezing to death in a cryotherapy chamber last week. According to state authorities, the spas were not licensed by the city, county or state to perform procedures.

Rejuvenice employee Chelsea Ake, 24, was trapped in the chamber for at least 10 hours. Cryotherapy involves standing in a “cryosauna” or “cryochamber” with dry air that is cooled to below -240 degrees Farenheit.

The business did not have an active workers’ compensation policy and a stop work order was issued Tuesday for both of their locations, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

No cause or manner of death has been issued for Ake.

According to the Review-Journal, the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology inspectors planned to visit the two Rejuvenice locations Tuesday afternoon to determine whether unlicensed services were being provided to clients.

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