Katniss, Finn hottest new baby names

The most popular names of 2012 are in, and the name that tops the girls’ list is a nod to one of the year’s hottest books-turned-movie: Katniss – as in Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of The Hunger Games, Nameberry.com reported.

Katniss is quite a difference from last year’s most popular name: Sophia.

Nameberry – whose site founders are recognized baby naming experts – had more than 13 million views of the name Katniss. The site reflects interest and trends in baby names.

The second most popular girls’ name for the year is Charlotte, which has topped Nameberry’s list for several years. Other names to make the girls’ Top 10 include Imogen, Seraphina (the name of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s youngest daughter), Amelia, Penelope (the name Kourtney Kardashian gave to her daughter this year), Violet (Garner and Affleck’s oldest daughter), Isla, Eleanor and Alice.

Finn was at the head of the list for boys’ names, perhaps a nod to the popular “Glee” character, portrayed by Cory Monteith. (Last year's No. 1 boy name was Jacob). Asher came in second place, followed by Henry, Milo, Jasper, James, Oliver, Atticus, Jude and Owen.

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While there is only speculation at this point as to what Prince William and Princess Kate will name their baby (or babies), it is likely the name will “closely adhere to (British) protocol,” according to Nameberry.

This means the name will have been previously used by another member of British royalty and will have a “positive connotation.”

Nameberry’s top choices for a royal baby name? Albert, Alfred, Arthur, Frederick or George for a boy (among others); Alice, Caroline, Charlotte, Matilda or Victoria for a girl.

Whatever the royal baby’s name will be, it will certainly give inspiration to many parents-to-be, similar to how the names William and Henry became popular in the 1980s.

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