How a component of cheese may help cure cancer

It's a miracle that cheese, which is essentially tasty mold, somehow entered the general culture as a foodstuff, and not something to be avoided. But we are so grateful for it, because cheese is a delicious and amazing thing—especially a gluey brie slathered on a cracker or a buttery havarti served with apple slices or grapes. Or a sharp, tangy Vermont cheddar. Or a funky blue cheese ... anyway, you get the picture.

Now, according to a study from the University of Wisconsin, cheese is not only delicious, it may hold the key to kicking cancer's ass. This is because cheese contains nisin, a "naturally occurring food preservative that grows on dairy products" has been shown to combat cancer and lethal bacterias in an experiment where mice were fed a "nicin milkshake" which resulted in slowed growth of cancerous tumors in the little rodents.

This is very early yet, but the studies look promising. Just add this to the long list of reasons to love cheese in all its forms—just don't get addicted.

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