Girl battling brain cancer fulfills wish of cleaning up local park

An 8-year-old girl battling brain cancer saw her wish come true Saturday when hundreds of volunteers joined her to help clean up a local park. Amelia Meyer, of Kansas City, even had February 27 named “Amelia Meyer’s Take Care of the World Day,” reported.

“Last night I asked her, I said, ‘Are you excited about tomorrow?’ and she said, ‘I am so excited,’ and I said, ‘Why?’ and she goes, ’Because I get to pick up trash!’” Jill Meyer, Amelia’s mom, told

Jill told the news station that Amelia has always been the kid that she can’t get to come inside, so spending Saturday at the park was just like any other day for her.

“I know some kids might want to go to Disney World and stuff, or meet famous people, but I feel like Amelia picked the right wish,” Samantha Asquith, Amelia’s friend since preschool, told

The Helzberg Diamonds, the Kansas City Missouri Parks and Recreation Department, the Kansas City Fire Department and the Kansas City Police Department also joined volunteers to help clean up Swope Park.

“I thought there was just going to be some people, not this much,” Amelia told the news station.

Supporters in other towns and cities shared photos of themselves cleaning up their own parks with the hashtag #AmeliasWish.

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