Florida boy attempts suicide at school

A Fort Myers middle school student tried to suffocate himself to death after a classmate bullied him. Though he was hospitalized, the boy’s mother did not find out about the suicide attempt until days later.

The boy, who was not named, collapsed while attending class at Fort Myers Middle Academy, Fox 4 reported. Initially, doctors spent three days testing to determine the cause before a mother of the boy’s friend revealed the truth— that he had tied his hoodie tightly around his head after a student tormented him.

The boy’s mother, Vanessa, told Fox 4 that her son was sensitive and afraid to speak up, but she believes the school should have investigated the situation further. She has spoken with the principal, but took her son out of the school.

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"At least letting staff and everybody at the hospital know that he tried to suffocate himself," Vanessa told Fox 4.

No staff at the school had been disciplined, a Lee County Schools spokeswoman said, adding that federal law prohibits confirmation of whether or not a student has been hospitalized.

Vanessa told Fox 4 she hopes the school district will develop better protocol for bullying.

"To make sure that this never happens again," she told the news channel.