FDA: Brewer's Yeast Tablets Recalled Due to Milk Allergen Issue

A dietary supplement sold throughout the United States may pose a risk to consumers with milk allergies, federal officials said on Thursday in announcing a recall of the product.

The maker of the supplement, NOW Foods, voluntarily recalled selected lots of its brewers yeast tablets because they contain a milk product not listed on the label, the Food and Drug Administration said.

The FDA urged people with allergies or a severe sensitivity to milk to stop taking the tablets "immediately" because they could suffer "a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction."

The FDA said the tablets, produced between March and June 2011, were sold nationwide under the product codes 2410 and 2412.

Consumers without milk allergies or sensitivity can continue taking the tablets, the FDA said.

Brewers yeast is a popular source of thiamine, a vitamin that plays a role in numerous body functions, according to the Mayo Clinic, including nervous system and muscle functioning.