Expert Explains Child Molester Grooming, Warning Signs

In light of the Jerry Sandusky verdict, many are hoping that victims of child molesters won't stay silent and FOX 9 News spoke with an expert about how offenders target kids and what the warning signs look like.

On Monday, former ESPN anchor Dana Jacobson ended her silence in a blog by admitting she had been sexually abused by a babysitter.

She wrote, "That's still not easy for me to say, let alone write and share publicly -- but if we've learned anything from the Sandusky scandal it's that the time for silence is over. As I heard one Sandusky victim put it, it's time to 'find my voice.'"

Jacobson continued to say, "The kid in me, the kid that was abused, had expected my parents to protect me and they didn't. That sounds crazy, seeing as they didn't know what was going on and surely would have stopped the abuse if they had."

Many children who are sexually abused are threatened and scared into never saying a word, which means many live with the pain on their own. Meanwhile, their abuse continues attacking other children and creating more victims who suffer with feelings of shame.

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Patricia Harmon is the executive director of Corner House, an organization that ensures the voices of children are heard and understood in cases of abuse. She shared some red flags that parents should look for which could indicate that a child is becoming a victim.


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