Dr. Keith: For A-Rod, The Rest of Us: How to Have an Emotional Affair With Your Spouse

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Cynthia Rodriguez has had enough, she says, of her famous husband's affairs.She alleges A-Rod had a string of sexual relationships during their five-and-a-half years of marriage.But the last straw for Cynthia was Alex's relationship with Madonna, one that his lawyer defines as an affair of the heart-an emotional affair.Cynthia's own lawyer has never alleged the connection was sexual.

We know plenty about the sexual monotony that can set in a marriage as years go by.Husbands and wives become so familiar with one another, so present in one another's day-to-day lives, that it frequently becomes difficult to feel romantic with one another.I've joked before (really only half-joked) that couples should avoid flossing their teeth together if they want to feel passionate in bed together.